Have you ever had a day of work where you just want to take someone and smack them upside the head? Or maybe just go freak the fuck out and scream and shout to let tension go? Work today was one of those days for me. I haven’t been overwhelmed or frustrated as much as I was today for nearly a year, since taking my depression medication. Perhaps I need to revisit my doctor and have him increase the dose, as it seems the meds aren’t helping me as much as they used to.

When working with red meat, such as steak and hamburgers, the less cooked it is, the juicier it is. A well-done steak has absolutely no flavor whatsoever and is usually devoid of any flavorful juice. It’s generally very dry and resembles a tire tread. Hell, even beef jerky is less chewy and more tender. Anyway, I felt like I was working at the goddamned McDonalds today. I don’t know how many burgers I made, but I know there were lots, and almost all of them well-cooked. The one bright side of all that is the fact that none of them wanted American cheese🤮. When you have a choice of real cheese for your burger—in Cracker Barrel’s case, Colby or Monterey Jack, why on god’s green Earth would you willingly choose that nasty, disgusting, plastic American cheese shit? I think worse than that has to be someone wanting American singles in their scrambled eggs.

Anyway, some days opening at work, there’s a little bit of time to get things done, like pulling food from the freezer to thaw, changing fryer oil, cleaning. Today? As soon as 07:00 hit and we opened the door, someone was already waiting outside. And the tickets kept coming in. And coming. And coming. With only two people on the grill line, it got to be quite the shit show. Our manager was even helping us through the hardest parts. I was so, so, so over cooking hamburgers today.

I was supposed to get off work at 14:00, but I think it was around 15:30 when I finally was able to clock out. I’m not sure of the reason why, but for the last couple of months since the Cracker Barrel dining room reopened from the pandemic shutdowns, Mondays have felt like freaking weekend days. I don’t know if after school resumes, things will continue at the pace we’re going right now. I don’t mind the busy times, I just get really frustrated when I have an expectation for myself that I am unable to meet, like getting my necessary opening work finished. I also hate when my kitchen ticket printer starts running like it has fucking diarrhea, thereby sending me into information overload and overwhelming me😵.

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