I like listening to music when I’m driving in the car, especially on a long road trip. I also have it playing when I do some menial chores at home, like laundry. Occasionally, I’ll listen to some music when I’m in a mood.

What kind of music? A little bit of everything—mostly rock, some country, a teeny tiny bit of pop. My musical taste covers a wide range of genres. However, most of what I listen to is what is considered “classic” by today’s standards. Pre-2000 music, especially 80s is what I prefer.

Most of today’s music is shit, honestly. Pop music is just ear candy for some. There’s no poetry, no message. Something to dance to on social media, auto-tuned with a couple of repeated words mixed in. Even country music is lame today. This shit on the radio has the nickname “bro country”. One time, I saw a YouTube video that compared six different recent country songs. In the samples on the screen, all six had the same musical track, only tweaked slightly. As the songs switched, the beat remained the same.

There’s no talent in music anymore. It’s all a pretty-face contest. In the pre-video days, a singer, regardless of genre, had to actually have the voice and the band to make a song work. The songwriters actually had to put together the right words to make a good tune. The very first music video on MTV in 1981 was for the song “Video Killed the Radio Star”. How prophetic that song was.

“Video Killed the Radio Star” by The Buggles, 1979. Forty-one years later, the radio star truly is dead.

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