I must apologize for being inactive over the last few days. Work gave me a vicious schedule, originally scheduling me over 65 hours. However, due to body pains and other conflicts, I’ll be down to around 50 hours, plus 7 from my other job. Some of these days were double-shifts, around 12-14 hours a day. Suffice it to say, I am exhausted, and glad tomorrow is my day off from both jobs.

Speaking of work, what do I think about when I read the word “work”? First of all, a paycheck. Employers pay us to be there working for them. Does that mean that a job is a form of prostitution🤔? You’re basically selling your body and services to your employer, who is willing to pay for it. A prostitute sells their body and services to a person willing to pay for it.

Work also involves some kind of physical and/or mental activity. Even in a kitchen, while you’re moving around, you have to be thinking. What should I start first? When do I put eggs on? Should I drop fried food before this other thing? How’s my stock level? Is there some kind of modification on this order? What weird shit does the customer want this time? All sorts of variables to consider.

Work is also something not necessarily involving employment. A relationship involves work. You have to cooperate in cleaning of your domicile. You have to develop, build and fortify trust between each other. There are conflicts to resolve, either with the partner or kids. What do I do if my partner isn’t fulfilling their end of the deal? Am I fulfilling my end? What’s for dinner? Who’s making it? Am I in the doghouse with the other half again? Will I be sleeping in the bed or in the outhouse? Is he fucking his secretary? Is she fucking her coworker? Argh! Too many things to think about!

My brain hurts! It shouldn’t be this much work thinking about working. Is this becoming “work-ception”? cue “Twilight Zone” theme…

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