Day 59

Though society is changing its views on many things, such as race relations and sexuality, there still exist many gender stereotypes that need to be rethought and/or eliminated altogether.

Looking at stereotypes for men, some of these ideas are antiquated or just plain stupid. For example, “men are supposed to be macho and may only show anger and sexual desire/lust”. Who the fuck invented this shit? Not all men are “alpha”, extroverted types who want to fuck whatever hottie is nearby. I am quite introverted, actually. Not every person with a penis is a male version of a nympho.

“Men have to make the first move and chase the woman”. This is another line of bullshit fed to this day. Not all men are the macho hunters or pick-up artists. I, for example, am quite awkward in situations with those I’m not yet comfortable with. I despise small talk (where pre-dates usually start). I wouldn’t even know how to “make the first move”, honestly.

Men also have emotions; men cry (God knows I’ve shed my share of tears); men get depression; men tend to bottle things up; men bitch and complain. To do otherwise shows weakness, says society. I say fuck society’s stereotype. I used to be prone to violent outbursts when I’d get overwhelmed/frustrated. I’d punch a wall or bang my head into the nearest convenient solid object (preferably to knock myself out)—but never touch another human. I’d get very vocal and very vulgar. I would think out loud without even realizing what I was saying—things would just spew out of my mouth like verbal diarrhea. I now take prescription meds to control my depression, which, in turn, eliminates most of the negativity. If I miss a day’s dose (or two), I begin to feel the darkness begin to return. And believe me, that’s one place I never want to return to.

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