Day 58

Unfortunately, yesterday’s post fell by the wayside. As I went to write, I get this plea from my son to buy him some new work shoes. After my futile attempt to have him wait, I went and bought them. Once I got home, it was time to go to bed, as I had to get up and be to work at 06:00. I wanted to return to my computer, but I was exhausted and could hardly keep my eyes open. Once I lay down, I was out like a light. I don’t even remember getting up for the bathroom at night—I’ll usually wake up once or twice to use the bathroom at night.

I was sleeping quite soundly when my alarm went off at 04:30. After snoozing my alarm for 15 minutes (it reactivates in five-minute intervals), I got up, brushed my teeth and got ready for work, still a little groggy, but capable of driving in the dark to get to work.

Speaking of work (or lack thereof), the federal $600/week unemployment bonus has expired in many states, including Utah. It was nice to receive the extra money, but now I must work full hours. Congress is still hashing out what new sort of stimulus they’re planning on. It’s looking like there will be another $1200 check for everyone, but there’s some back-and-forth about whether unemployment benefits will get re-boosted and by how much. Some lawmakers don’t want to continue (example, Ben McAdams of Utah—of course—thinks the government is recklessly overspending), most Republicans want to add only $200/week, while Democrats want to continue with the $600 every week until the end of the year.

And why not? As far as the Communists Democrats are concerned, they want everyone dependent on the government for everything. To that end, they don’t want people to work and earn money by their own labors. Just turn this country into an unsustainable utopia, where government will give you only what necessities you need to survive, from the cradle to the grave.

So many people love this idea, because that means they don’t have to work to get everything they need and want. Many of these people are also ignorant to the lessons of history. In every country that has embraced Socialism, their economy has collapsed and their country crumbled into a shambles. Before reunification, East Germany looked like something out of the Middle Ages; the former Soviet Union was a miserable place to live; Venezuela has rampant, runaway inflation (in 2019, it was estimated at around 10,000,000% [ten million percent]), prices doubling every 17 days—one liter of milk could end up costing someone one-quarter of their monthly wages. And these pro-Socialist individuals in the general populace and the extreme left-wing people of Congress think it’s such a great idea? Either they never studied history, or they really, really want this country to collapse and become the newest addition to the Third World family.

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