Day 56

Here we are on the last Sunday in July, almost into August, and before you know it, 2021 will be knocking on the door. Hopefully, when we enter to the other side of that door, things will be semi-normal once again. Of course, this is probably simply wishful thinking and things will just end up worse.

Of course, in 2021 there will be a presidential Inauguration, whether it be for incumbent Donald Trump or rival Joe Biden. Whoever gets elected will determine the course this country takes. Either way, unfortunately, I think this country is headed on a virtual Autobahn right down the toilet. In my mind it will run like this: if Biden wins, this country goes full-on socialism with Obamacare 2.0, with mandated health insurance and fines/prison for non-compliance, as well as extremely hefty taxes to pay for the free this and free that that will develop, especially in the form of free shit for all the so-called “undocumented” (read: illegal) immigrants.

If Trump wins, the Democrats will be exceedingly seething with anger (more so than in the last four years) and will do absolutely everything to tarnish Trump’s name in the history books, including the absolute destruction of the economy to make him look worse than he already does. Trump, in turn, won’t give a flying fuck about anyone, since he won’t need to look for re-election.

Even worse than Biden winning is the fact that, if somehow he does get two terms, guess who’s eligible to run for president in 2028? None other than extreme the left-wing socialist known as AOC—I can never get her name quite right. She’s currently only 30, and won’t be 35 before the election in ’24, so she’d be able to try in ’28. If she ever got elected, this country would really be fucked; unfortunately, the governmental rape of the citizenry won’t even be pleasant. It’ll get stuck in dry; no lube, no kiss, nothing😖.

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