Day 55

It’s the first Saturday I’ve worked since the beginning of all the shutdowns due to coronavirus, so it’s been roughly four months. It took a little getting used to, doing things a tad bit differently than before, new items and whatnot. All in all, it’s like riding a bike.

With all the negativity out on social media and all the stigmas associated therewith, it’s nice to see the positive side of it periodically. The people that are in my “friends list” are composed of family/relatives, current and former coworkers and people I met while serving as a missionary many years ago. Some of these people I honestly would rather not have anything to do with, and rather than unfriending them—leading to the usual interrogation of “why?”—I mute them or put them into a group of people that I’d rather not see (I think it’s called “acquaintances”).

Anyway, recently I received a message via Messenger from a person I’d known in Brazil in one of the places I served. I met them some 26 years ago and spent like four or five months in that city before moving on to another place. We friended each other maybe a couple of years back. We’d react to each other’s pictures, but not much communication. As I said, I was surprised when this person reached out to me recently. I was taken a little aback, as there really hadn’t been any messages previously. It was a pleasant surprise, as I enjoyed visiting with them and their family back in the day. It was a nice time, and it’s good to look back and have fond memories.

Back in 1994 the internet as we know it was in its nascent stage and the only way to talk to someone was on the telephone, and to communicate overseas was by snail mail, as email was just getting started. So, it was easy to lose track of people in other places. Just as I had no communication with anyone from school from graduation in 1990 until I joined Facebook in 2009, I could not get in touch with this person between 1994 and roughly 2017-18. It’s been great to message and catch up on the last 26 years.

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