Day 54

Today is what they call in Utah “Pioneer Day”. For non-Mormons, it’s “Pie and Beer Day”. Whatever your preference, it’s considered a holiday for many, with city government and banks closed. The Post Office still runs, but that’s because it’s not an official federal holiday.

Tomorrow is the day the extra $600/week federal unemployment benefits expire. So while the fuckfaces in DC are arguing about how to continue helping the people, the bonus incentive to stay home is coming to an end. My next work schedule has me back to full-time hours. I think I’ll be getting right around 40 this next week. It’ll be good to get back to working again, as I’d gotten kinda lazy over the last four months. I need to get my body back into the rhythm of a 40-hour week (and maybe overtime if they need me). I’m still planning to challenge myself to continue writing and posting on a daily basis, even if I do like in my weekly blog, where I write several things and save them for future posts.

Speaking of work, I went against my tightwad-ass judgement and bought myself a pair of work shoes today. I spent more than I normally would for shoes, but I bought a pair of Skechers slip-resistant shoes. Yeah, they were like $65, but breaking them in a little walking around Walmart this afternoon, they didn’t even feel like brand-new shoes. Between the memory foam insoles and wide width (I have flat feet, so wide shoes are a must!), they were some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve worn. Now, I just hope these last me more than a couple of months. I’ve even had Shoes for Crews—which are a pretty good brand themselves—that wore out within six months. I walk a lot at work (some days I’ve topped 10 miles) and do a lot of bending and squatting, so my work shoes take a beating. For $65, they’d better last me many months!

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