Day 50

Have you ever noticed my use of the word “friend” is very sporadic? To me, the word “friend” is a powerful word reserved for a select few.

Unfortunately, colloquial American English has made it so the words “colleague” and “friend” are interchangeable. But what’s the difference?

You can have colleagues at work, and not be friends with a damn one of them. To me, a friend is someone who you spend time and hang out with, someone who has your back when you’re in the shit, someone you’ve known for many years and have a special bond with.

As I said, modern English has cheapened the meaning of “friend”. When things are going well and you’re somewhat successful, many people want to be your friend, usually, however, for their own selfish gain and agenda. Now when you get smacked down and sent to the bottom, when times are hard and you need a hand, a ride or maybe even a listening ear, so many of these so-called friends disappear and don’t want anything to do with you. The true friend is that one who will help pick you up and dust you off, the one who will listen to you without judging. A real friend isn’t interested in “what’s in it for me?” For the one who is truly a friend, knowing they’ve helped someone is the reward they look for.

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