Day 49

Twelve days remain in July, which means schools in southern Utah are scheduled to resume in roughly 25 days (13 Aug). So far, Utah is planning on in-person classes, however, requiring students to use masks, with few exceptions. Also, for some god-forsaken reason, the County Fair is still scheduled to take place 04-08 Aug.

I don’t know how they’re going to accommodate the distance requirements and whether they’ll enforce masks, but I’m just glad I never attend. I can picture it now: the Fair opens as scheduled, people flock to it (it’s always packed, especially at night), and two weeks later, there’ll be reports of a bigger spike in coronavirus cases due to it (as if the reported number of new weekly positive cases isn’t rising fast enough as it is).

Many other events have already been cancelled this year; why can’t the fucktards in this county just sacrifice their precious Fair for one year? If things keep going as they are now, we’ll be seeing risk-level regression and things will be forced to close once more. Everything was beginning to return to semi-abnormal, and now the “good ol’ boys” powers-that-be want to pretend everything is hunky-dory and that people in this area are somehow immune because they think God will protect them. Hey, cousin, let me tell you something: if you don’t help yourself, God sure as hell won’t intervene on behalf of your stupidity! God will be like, “I gave you warning signs; you should have heeded my message. Now, my child, you must deal with the consequences of your choices.”

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