Day 46

It was like 22:00 last night when I realized I hadn’t made my post yet. However, with the Internet at the house being the bitch it is, and Infowest not coming until Tuesday, I’m stuck with my mobile data and hotspot. It’s not as fast as my normal LTE, but it works to do my posts.

Utah is one of 23 states which do not have a statewide mask mandate. Meanwhile, the list of businesses which require masks to enter is increasing. Costco already requires them; Harmons grocery store in Utah also does. Beginning Monday, and throughout next week, several major national chains will require them in all stores nationally. Places like Walmart/Sam’s Club, Target, Kohl’s, CVS, Albertson’s, Kroger (Smith’s, Ralph’s, etc.), Walgreens and Dollar Tree—among certainly others I have missed—are making everyone don a mask to enter. In other words, “carry a mask in your pocket wherever you go” will probably be the rule of thumb for the foreseeable future.

With all these increasing mask mandates, there is one place that is bucking the trend. The governor of Georgia has suspended all mask mandates in his state. I don’t see that order lasting very long, but we’ll see. In these states like Utah that don’t have a statewide order, it can be confusing as to where you have to wear a mask and where it’s not necessary. So, to end this confusion, here’s a novel idea: go big or go home. In using this cliché, I mean let’s either make the mask mandate nationwide at all businesses, or do like Georgia and get rid of them completely. I’m not an advocate one way or the other. Do I like to wear a mask? Hell no! My glasses fog up way too easily, and if I’m really busy at work, it’s hard for me to breathe wearing one. Do I wear a mask? When I’m required to, like at work or one of these businesses, yes I do. I’m not going to cause a scene or be the subject of viral videos, but I can still hold the disdain in my heart.

The only positive thing for me about the masks is that I can make a face at someone and they can’t tell I’m doing it. Not only that, I don’t have to deal with smelling other people’s rank halitosis. Also, I rather like the six-foot spacing rule. I hate being in a checkout line with some jackwagon practically breathing down my neck behind me. Please, folks, give me room. I’m not claustrophobic, but get out of my personal bubble. Know what sucks about a mask? Even when I brush my teeth in the morning, by afternoon, my mouth does not smell at all pleasant. I guess I need to invest in some Certs or Breath Savers😵🤮! That’s something when your own breath is offensive to yourself!

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