Day 44

It’s almost the middle of July. Don’t forget tomorrow is the deadline to file your taxes, if you haven’t already. Everything is so out-of-whack this year that even the tax-filing deadline was pushed back from April to July.

Usually you hear of California burning to the ground in summer. This year, it’s Utah that’s on fire. Several fires🔥 are active throughout the state. One in southern Utah—dubbed the “Turkey Farm Road Fire”—apparently was started by illegal fireworks, and three teenagers are suspected. Sadly, the fire has burned over 2000 acres and is currently out-of-control (‘0% contained’—doesn’t that mean the same thing🤔?).

Another bizarre thing from this year is the so-called “coin shortage” that is leaving stores everywhere wanting exact change or electronic payments. Walmart’s self-checkouts will only take cards, but cashiers will accept cash. Kroger stores are the other way around. Their self-checkouts still dispense change, but cashiers will not give change. You either have to donate the change or get a store credit on your rewards card.

Some places have gone so far as to not even accept cash, which I think is utterly stupid, because some people only carry cash, and, though money does have lots of germs, I have yet to see someone get coronavirus from handling money. As I’ve mentioned before, I see this whole crock-of-shit coin shortage as a vehicle to the eventual complete abandonment of physical currency into a cashless society, whereby every transaction is logged, stored in a gigantic government database, and every citizen’s every move is tracked🕵️‍♂️.

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