Day 43

I sit here in my room with my crappy home WiFi, realizing I forgot to post yesterday. So, I guess I’ll have to make up for it today.

Speaking of shitty WiFi, if you live in an area serviced by TDS, I beg you to reconsider going with them. I don’t know about where you live, but in the subdivision I live in, their service is absolutely atrocious. Instead of the cable being installed directly to each unit, it goes from the main box, from one unit to the next, degrading a little for each subsequent unit. Since I’m in the middle, I get really shitty service. The TV was shoddy at best, and the advertised 100 Mbps speed was never that much—40–50 maximum, and right now, I’m lucky to have a connection at all. As I type this, at 19:00, 07/13/20, I’m trying to run a test on Between loading the stupid ads and trying to connect to a server, I’ve waited at least 3 minutes to attempt a test. Finally it finds a server, in Overton, NV, of all places🤨. It ended up giving me an error message, like it couldn’t connect after all. Another time I tried, it came back with like a 0.07 Mbps—I think even dial-up is faster than that. Hopefully, I can get an installation appointment with Infowest in the next day or so, as I really would like a dependable WiFi signal again. Just to upload this post, I’m gonna have to use my mobile hotspot. I have unlimited data, but I just don’t want to go over the 50GB mark, so my mobile data isn’t throttled to 2G speed.

I read online today that California is returning to closing down most of their economy again, closing almost all indoor anything. I’m really scared of Utah wanting to go back to closing all indoor dining again. I don’t need to get my work hours cut or eliminated again.

Currently, everyone is so goddamned frightened of everything right now. The list of supposed symptoms or coronavirus keeps growing—many of them the same symptoms as the flu. As tests are being done, positive cases supposedly spike exponentially. Globally, 571000 people have died out of nearly 13 million cases, of which 7 million have recovered. Let’s do some math. Death rate is roughly 4.3%; recovery rate 53.8%. Just in the US, heart disease and cancer in 2017 each claimed more deaths than this. So why is there all this hand-wringing over coronavirus? I honestly don’t understand. Maybe I’m not supposed to. However, I don’t like to follow anything the government says blindly. I don’t like to play “Big Brother Says”. I think there is some other nefarious variable in this equation. I’m waiting to see, if by chance Trump loses on Election Day, whether coronavirus is going to magically be cured or go away🤔…

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