Day 41

Though I’m not in the least bit upset about it, I know many people who are. It happens every year on this date, but it became yet another casualty of the coronavirus: Free Slurpee Day at 7-Eleven.

Normally, on 11 July of every year, the date being 07/11, the 7-Eleven chain allows people to get as much free Slurpee as they want, provided they bring their own container. Some people would bring a standard cup. Others, however, would get creative and bring in flowerpots, milk jugs, even a large Igloo cooler or even a five-gallon bucket.

I tried one year to go, but there were so many people that I decided the Slurpee wasn’t worth it. Besides, I think their machine couldn’t keep up with demand. This year, though, everything has to be different. Because of the whole deal of coronavirus (I’m not going into my opinions of it all in this brief space) and seemingly everything being cancelled, there is no Free Slurpee Day.

Will there ever be a day when people will be able to go to a restaurant, serve themselves at a buffet, grab their own donut from the donut case without it being put in some plastic clamshell, visit family and friends and not be afraid, eliminate the goddamned masks, and not have to be sterilizing and sanitizing everything at every waking moment?  Somehow, I feel that will never come back. America has been transformed into a country of frightened germophobes who are willing to be told by Big Brother to stay home, how to act, where to go and how to purchase things. It seems Americans are to the point where no one is willing to think or act for themselves, either out of laziness or fear of some kind of retribution. People now seem to want to be told how to live their lives. It’s like a game of “Mother, May I?”, only now it’s the government who’s being asked. “Big Brother, may I watch [insert name of show]?” “No, you may not.” “Big Brother, may I go to the bathroom?” “Yes, you may. Also, you must wash your hands at least 125 times per day, and spray and disinfect everything around you 24/7.”

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