Day 40

I am back at home after my extremely quick trip to California. We drove to Arroyo Grande to get a transmission for my son’s Suburban.

According to Google Maps, the shortest route was to go CA-58 past Tehachapi, then across the state down to our destination. NEVER WILL I TRAVEL THAT ROUTE AGAIN! I would rather listen to Nickelback on loop than travel that boring, tedious route. This morning’s trip home may have been longer time-wise, but it was much more interesting. At one point, the freeway was basically right up against the coast, but you couldn’t see a whole hell of a lot offshore, due to the low clouds prevailing in the area.

Thankfully, there was no heavy road construction in either direction to screw things up. In fact, other than the usual traffic at 15:30 on the 101 Freeway around Universal City and the film studios, traffic was not overly heavy, save for the opposite direction.

Unfortunately, because this was a quick trip, I was unable to do anything fun or see anyone. I need to plan for another time when I can actually spend a few days seeing folks from high school once again. Perhaps I can actually get a week off around class reunion time.

I think the biggest curveball for me was having to wear a mask everywhere in California and Nevada, when I’m not used to it (Utah doesn’t have a statewide mandate).

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