Day 38

Today is the 190th day of 2020. One hundred seventy-six days remain in this year’s hell.

Have you ever called out of work, not because you were sick, but you were hurting physically? That was me today. I almost never call out of work, unless I’m so sick I can’t even get out of bed. Today, however, I had to call out because of my back. I’m not sure what I did yesterday, but walking around Walmart, I got to the point where I could hardly walk, and when I did, I would walk like an old person, slowly and (in my case) limping.

Today, as I’m doing some shopping🛒—hurting too much to stand, bend over and stoop at work, but okay enough to walk some—my back started to bother me again. It was to the point where I had to stop and lean against a display case, while someone retrieved an electric wheelchair for me. I’m sure some people were glaring at me, judging me. But, I really don’t give two shits about what they’re thinking. I might only be 47, but if I hurt too much to walk, I’m getting a wheelchair, dammit👨‍🦼!

Tomorrow, I’m heading with my son to Arroyo Grande, CA, to pick up a transmission for one of his Suburbans. Apparently, it’s cheaper to drive 9 hours and pick it up than to have it shipped. We’re going down, spending one night, and coming right back. I wish this wasn’t such a quick trip, but then, half of California is shut down again, so I really couldn’t have any fun. It’ll be kinda nice having a quick road trip out of state, though. With any luck, I’ll win a couple of bucks at one of the slot machines in Nevada🤷‍♂️🎰.

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