Day 35

Am I the only one who has a kid that is either too lazy to fix their own food, flat-out refuses to, or will forego eating because no one made it for them? I have a kid like that. This kid will bug me to no end to make food either until I relent and make something out of exasperation or will try to guilt-trip me “okay, I just won’t eat then”. The problem is this particular child of mine claims to have gone stretches of 3 or 4 days without eating anything.

Some days, especially after working, I have absolutely no ambition to make anything. It ends up like this, or I’m basically ordered from multiple sides to buy fast food. And not just any fast food. It has to be something that is not cheap.

Long gone are the days of getting 2 McDoubles for my kids to satisfy them; now it’s footlong subs, Mexican food plates with beans and rice (that usually run $10 a pop), or having Domino’s delivered. For me, money is always tight, and though I do get groceries, invariably I’ll have to go buy fast food frequently because no one wants to cook (and I mean no one). It’s frustrating that I’m almost the exclusive cook in the house. I do it all day at work, then repeat at night at home.

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