Day 34

Today is the day many Americans celebrate the anniversary of the country’s independence from the British crown. Of course, for many it’s just a day of fireworks and barbeques; the spirit of the day is lost on a lot of these folks. For others, there’s hardly a reason to celebrate.

One thing I wish we had, however, is independence from this god-awful heat. Today’s forecast was for 101°, which is, unfortunately, the average for this date. At least the temperature is far from the record for 04 July, which was, coincidentally, the all-time high for Utah: 117° in 1985. Still, for me, if it’s over 80°, it’s just hot. Once you pass body temperature (98.6°), that’s just plain miserable. Yes, I’ve lived 30 years in this summer heat.

Some would tell me to stop bitching about it. Well, I’ll bitch if I want to, even if it really does me absolutely no good. Thank god my house has an air conditioner. Where I used to live up to 8 years ago simply had a swamp cooler. It was okay, but the house was left really, really humid, and that was even more miserable, I think. I don’t get how people live where the heat and humidity want to race each other for the highest number🤔🥵😖. I don’t even want to imagine living in 95° heat with 95% humidity. I think I’d die!

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