Day 33

Tomorrow is Independence Day in the United States. It’s the day we commemorate our independence from Britain back in 1776. Many people call the US “the land of the free, home of the brave”. But, are we truly free?

Are citizens of the United States truly a “free people”? Yes, there are things we can do in this country that other countries wouldn’t dream of doing, such as the protests that recently happened involving the Black Lives Matter group and the killing of George Floyd and many other innocent black people. Yes, we can ridicule and criticize our country’s leaders and form of government. I can (and have done) go on Twitter to Donald Trump’s profile and call him an asshole or a douchebag, or tell him to fuck off.

But are we truly free? During the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, entire states implemented “stay-at-home” orders, only allowing people to leave their homes for “essential” things. Millions of people lost their employment in one form or another. Now, many states and cities are mandating the use of facemasks. If the populace can be totally controlled by a government mandate, is that freedom? Do we really have rights, as noted in the Bill of Rights? Or are they merely suggestions and privileges? Do we have God-given rights, or are we merely pawns and government playthings? Think about that at your barbeques and gatherings tomorrow. Or did your government take that away as well? Can you celebrate the 4th? Or did your festivities and fireworks get cancelled, all in the name of “safety and security”?

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