Day 32

I don’t know if it’s society de-evolving or becoming more aware of things today. People seem to be ever more sensitive to everything. Some people call it being “woke”; others will say people are just being “butt-hurt pussies about nonsense shit”.

Whatever you call it, things have changed dramatically over the last few decades. The other day, I was watching comedy clips from the 70s and 80s, in particular clips from the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts, and Don Rickles talking at Ronald Reagan’s second Inauguration. The things they said back then, that left everyone in stitches, laughing their asses off, today would be frowned upon, blasted and would require some serious apologies. Those comedians would probably have been out of work thereafter, and more-than-likely sued for defamation.

Jokes people told 30, 40, 50 years ago are completely intolerable now. Speaking of abrasive comedy, I’ve wondered for a while now what George Carlin’s opinions on Barack Obama and Donald Trump would have been. Carlin was never one to shy away from controversy, and had a great disdain for all politicians. I’m certain he would continue to say, of the state of society now, that we’re “circling the drain”, and that the circles are getting smaller, tighter and faster.

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