Day 31

Welcome to July. You might say we’ve reached Jumanji level 7. What will this month bring to us next?

As far as Utah’s primary election, for President, the Republican vote was overwhelmingly in favor of Trump. The Democrat vote, interestingly enough, went not for Biden, but for Bernie Sanders. Utah usually votes Republican, so more than likely, Trump will get Utah’s electoral votes. With Trump’s recent approval numbers, it would not at all surprise me if the vote actually flipped to Democrat. I guess we’ll find out in four months.

Here’s an interesting trivia tidbit: the last time California voted for a Republican president was in 1984, for Ronald Reagan. That year’s election was the most lopsided landslide victory ever, with Reagan winning 49 states—the one he didn’t win was his opponent’s home state. The last time Utah went Democrat was in 1964, favoring Lyndon Johnson.

I’ve read about many people who think the Electoral College should be abolished. The problem with that would be that elections would likely always end up Democrat, as the most populous areas of the country almost unanimously are the deepest of dark blue. Those votes would drown out all votes of smaller or more rural states. If I’m not mistaken, a lot of this started when Bush was elected in 2000, even though Gore won the popular vote (+0.5% over Bush); this idea picked up more steam after Clinton’s loss in 2016 (Trump was –2.1% in the popular vote).

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