Day 29

Ever since dining-in reopened at work four weeks ago, every Monday has felt insanely busy. Today was like the complete polar opposite. Perhaps it was because there was a trainee, hence an extra body. At any rate, it was a nice change and I was able to get most everything I needed to done early🤘.

Does anyone else receive random text messages? I don’t know why, but I keep getting texts about Jon Huntsman’s campaign for governor of Utah. I don’t even remember signing up for those. Also, I keep getting a text from some number I don’t recognize (it’s a Utah number—435 area code), but it’s blank. I see a number but nothing where there should be a text. It’s weird. Until now, I’d never seen anything like that.

Tomorrow is the primary elections in Utah. I don’t know if it’s mail-only or what, but I know I never received any kind of ballot in the mail. I don’t really care about any elections. Not this year, especially🤷‍♂️. For President, our choices are (woo hoo🙄) two very old white dudes: one is a petulant child who likes to grab female genitalia and would date his daughter if she weren’t; the other is a creepy sniffer pedophile, neither of whom I believe are seriously capable of running this country in the direction it needs to go. I can picture financial ruin, outright socialism or even both. No matter which is elected, I can just imagine nothing good coming as a result.

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