Day 28

Hopefully your Sunday has been restful for those of you who work a “normal” schedule. For any of you who work weekends, hopefully your jobs weren’t too busy or stressful.

I see all this conflicting crap about facemasks—one side says “oh, everyone has to wear one”, “you’re stupid and selfish if you don’t”. The other side says “masks are bad for healthy people” or “masks don’t give necessary protection”. I don’t know which side is right; I just know my personal opinion of the whole shebang.

Apparently, positive virus cases are on the rise, and a few more people are kicking the bucket. Globally, they’re reporting half a million dead. Hmm, 500000 out of 7.8 billion. Not terrible odds, it seems. Because of this, California, Texas and Florida are reversing course and reclosing bars, and in some places, reinstating stay-home orders. Yippee-skippy🙄. More lockdowns in places that are already having cabin fever. If it were up to a certain few individuals, everyone would be locked down nationally.

I’m not a doctor👨‍⚕️, nor do I know what the real story is anywhere, but I know my opinion and where I stand on the matter, and I’ve mentioned all that previously. I just hope Utah doesn’t go backward, as I’ve already heard that work will probably close the dining room once again if the “risk level” reverses a step.

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