Day 27

It is Saturday and we find ourselves almost exactly halfway through the year. Being at this point of the year, the heat is miserable outside; thank heavens it’s not humid and nasty like in the East and Deep South🥵. Oh, joy, there’s a wind warning for us until Sunday night💨. I guess this city ain’t called Hurricane for nothing! Hopefully the forecasted high of 82° holds true for Monday.

I decided to purchase new blackout curtains for my bedroom. I thought the ones I had up until now were also blackout, but possibly not as darkening. The package for these (a teal color rather than blue ones) said “100% darkening”, and they do help block out more light. I love sleeping in a dark room. Pitch black is optimal for me. It’s really hard to sleep with any kind of light🌃.

I also bought a mini-fridge for my room. Nothing huge, but it can hold a 12-pack of sodas (or 6 half-liter bottles or nine 16-oz energy drinks, or a combination). Currently it is stocked with four bottles of Dr Pepper and 3 Rockstars, so I can just grab a drink in the morning when I go to work. It’s not real fancy, but I just really prefer a cold drink. Now, if I could somehow stop drinking sodas again (I did for a couple of years back in 2013), my fat gut would probably disappear, or at least reduce some🤔.

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