Day 26

It’s the last Friday of the month. Are you happy about it, or do you really even care anymore?

Dinner tonight was really bomb, in my opinion. I made my take on chicken enchiladas again: shredded chicken, cream cheese, taco seasoning and green chiles, topped with cheddar cheese and green sauce. This time, I added some black beans on top, as well as a little mozzarella for color🤤. They turned out really tasty. Since my daughter is vegetarian, she left out the chicken and topped with some sliced black olives. Perhaps tomorrow will be steak fajita night🤔.

What do you all think of the states and cities that are reverting to closures and restrictions due to their “increasing numbers of coronavirus cases”, or the widespread facemask mandates? Are you for or against? Or do you really not care either way? I might be considered one of the “maskholes” (assholes because I won’t willingly wear a mask constantly), but, as I’ve said repeatedly, I will only wear a mask where/when I’m required to. Otherwise, my ugly face is visible for everyone to see. To me, it’s not about politics, because I don’t care for either player of the political duopoly. I hate masks because it’s very difficult to breathe properly while wearing one. I often feel like I’m not getting enough oxygen in my breaths. If I’m really busy at work, moving around like mad, I feel a bit lightheaded. Now don’t even come at me with the “minor inconvenience” bullshit. I am indeed selfish when it comes to needing to breathe.

I know I am in no way “bulletproof” and could very well catch this thing, but I’m not too concerned for myself. On top of this, I have not felt any of the known symptoms of coronavirus (which seem to be multiplying all the time). Nor do I feel inclined to get tested. First, I don’t want or need a huge fucking Q-tip rammed inside my nose, trying to pierce my brain. Second, I’m not going to quarantine myself until the results come back. The results will probably come back positive (even falsely), as the powers-that-be need higher and higher positive numbers to pad the statistics, so they can continue to scare people into further acquiescence of government’s ever-increasing heavy-handedness and desire to micro-manage every aspect of everyone’s lives. I’m an asshole when it comes to being controlled by Big Brother. I don’t willingly wear a mask, I don’t follow “one-way” shopping aisles. I do, however, like to maintain distance from people, but that’s because I don’t like strangers in my personal space. I enjoy having two arms’ length away from most people. If I’m comfortable with you, I might allow you to get closer to me. For the most part, personal space, please!

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