Day 24

We have reached the last Wednesday of June. How is it we are one week away from the second half of the year? It completely defies logic to me.

Something else that defies logic is how Trump wants to cut federal funding for coronavirus testing places. Yes, we’re having a spike in case numbers, but that’s because more testing is done. His logic? Fewer tests equals fewer cases🤦‍♂️. Um, fewer cases reported maybe. If that’s the case, stop pulling people over for DUI, and there will be fewer arrests🚓.

Now, what is so special about this coronavirus that the government is yay close to requiring mask usage everywhere (some places actually do), and people get locked down and/or quarantined against their will? All this for the “greater good”.

California’s governor is talking about reversing course and returning to lockdowns and “stringent mandates” because of more coronavirus🙄. Even here in Utah, the head of the state health department thinks Utah should totally lock down. The governor does not want to close the economy again. Salt Lake County is going to mandate public mask usage. I really don’t the how these masks help avoid anything, but I’m no doctor. I still will only wear a mask where it’s required. Otherwise, I am going to remain mask-free, love me or hate me🤷‍♂️.

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