Day 23

Though I have lived in southern Utah for 30 years, every summer I bitch and moan about the heat. I hate it, but still go through it. The last few days have been 100°+, with no real relief until maybe next Monday, dropping to around 90°.

For us in the Southwest United States, hot summers are the norm. One place you would never expect hot weather is in Siberia. However, this week, a town in Russia named Verhoyansk, managed to hit just over 100°🥵. This town is located at 67.5°N latitude, inside the Arctic Circle. It is expected their temperature to break the existing heat record for the Arctic Circle set back in 1915. Just think, the average high temperatures for this place are 68° for June and –44° in January, having gotten as low as –90° at times.

The Russians can also claim the lowest global temperature ever. Albeit in Antarctica, the Soviet Vostok Station down there, back in July 1983 (winter in the Southern Hemisphere) got all the way down to a bone-chilling and mind-numbing –128.6°🥶. I also would not want to experience a new record high temperature. Set in Death Valley (of course) in July 1913, the hottest (air) temperature recorded anywhere was 134°🥵🥵🥵. Even more stunning is that in 1972, the actual ground temperature was recorded to be 201°—only 11° below water’s boiling point😲😵!

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