Day 22

It’s been a really long day, and it looks like tomorrow’s forecast isn’t much better. At work, today was a hell of a lot busier than yesterday, which was Father’s Day. Four cooks worked on Sunday, as it’s usually the busiest day of the week. Today there were two of us, and I feel like I got bent over and got rammed dry. It started within the first hour of opening, and was still going all day.

Even when trying to finish my side duties, I was needed back at the grill line, since the kitchen was getting flooded with orders. I’m not sure why, but every week feels much busier than the previous one. I honestly don’t get how there are so fucking many people traveling right now. I just know that I’m absolutely sick of cooking hamburgers and chicken BLT sandwiches. I had so many ordered within a short time that I lost track of where I was. My mind was turning to mush, seeing everything as identical to everything else.

Between getting my ass kicked at work, and other things that transpired after work (of a personal nature, but I’m not really wishing to discuss publicly at the moment—perhaps at a future time I can unload a lot of what’s still bottled up inside me), I’m wiped out. And I get to do it all again tomorrow. Yay me🙄🙃😵.

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