Day 21

In the United States, today is Father’s Day—a day to be thankful for our dads, grandpas, or even the single moms who are playing dad and mom simultaneously. Maybe you’re a dad of a fur-baby. All are valid!

Some are still lucky to have their dad with them. If you do, cherish this time. Others, like me, no longer have their dads in this life. My dad passed away in 2007. Though I am grateful for my kids, and them wishing me a happy Father’s Day, I don’t really dwell too much on it. My dad died on the Sunday after Father’s Day, but it was in close enough proximity that it still reminds me, and the regrets I hold in regards to my dad (which I have previously mentioned) still haunt me. I realize it shouldn’t, but, though diminished, it continues to plague me.

All of my grandparents have passed. My only direct ancestor (not aunts, uncles, etc.) still living is my mom, who is still holding on, even at 87 years old. She’s doing as well as can be expected. Though I haven’t gone to visit her but once since all the virus news began (due to her advanced age), I did call her on Mother’s Day.

Hopefully you dads of all forms who read this have had a great Father’s Day. Whether you’re grilling steaks, eating out, fixing something else edible, indulging in an adult drink, enjoying time with family, or however you celebrate today. Please, everyone, be safe and be well.

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