Day 20

Welcome to the summer (or if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, welcome to winter). Today is officially the season we call summer, or in southern Utah, the season of hell. Okay, some love the heat and whatnot. I would much rather endure 40°F (4°C) than 40°C (104°F)!

You will undoubtedly hear that today is the “longest day of the year”. I have a problem with that. The actual longest day of the year (at least in the United States) is the first Sunday of November, when the clocks are moved back an hour at the end of Daylight Saving Time. That day has 25 hours, so that is the longest. Today is the day with the most light out of the year in this hemisphere. For me in Utah, the Sun rose at 06:13, and it sets at 20:56—a total of 16 hours 43 minutes of daylight. Now, in Alaska, the city former called Barrow currently has 24 hours daylight. A little farther south in Fairbanks, the Sun actually sets, albeit for an hour and 50 minutes. That doesn’t even allow for real darkness. I would hate to try to sleep through that. I’d have to be in a closet or have hotel-type darkening curtains.

I have a hard enough time sleeping at 06:00, when the daylight is beginning to break! Combine that with the summer heat, and I’m just plain miserable. Give me the dark of winter and pitch black anytime. I could sleep like a baby then!

Tonight the newest post of my weekly blog, “Ray’s Rants of the Week”, goes live. Would you please go check it out? This week’s random topic is where I answer more questions of the “have you ever” type. I post weekly over there, in addition to my daily postings here. Thank you in advance!

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