Day 19

When I went through the educational system as a youth, we learned about American history, and one of the things taught was about the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 and how it freed the slaves. What I don’t remember them teaching was how it took until 19 June 1865 to reach Texas, and thus ended slavery completely. I saw the term used this week, but I thought it was some kind of typo, or something dumb. It wasn’t until I researched a little that I found out what this day was all about.

I find it interesting that Twitter has taken to putting a warning label on some of Trump’s tweets recently, such as the latest one, marked “manipulated video”, which was later disabled.

Yesterday morning, Trump sent a tweet saying “Do you get the impression that the Supreme Court doesn’t like me?”, because they overturned his wanting to end DACA. This morning I replied to this tweet thusly: “Neither does half the country, Pres. Crybaby. Get over it and do your job of leading the country, rather than further divide it with your childish attitude. Better yet, just delete your fucking Twitter account. Your silence will be much more golden!” Yeah, I said that. I doubt he read it, but I don’t care.

Hold on a second🤨…if Hillary Clinton was being investigated for using a personal email account to send government correspondence, how is it that Trump using his personal Twitter account for government business treated differently? Shouldn’t he be in some kind of hot water for this? Or at least, his account deactivated, suspended or terminated🤔?

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