Day 18

Though March seemed to take an eternity to get through, it seems we’re now hurtling through the month at break-neck speed. We’re now nearly two-thirds of the way through June.

My high school 30th class reunion was scheduled to be next weekend; however, due to all the recent craziness of lockdowns, virus and whatnot, I found out it was postponed until later in the year. I get the need for that, but it’s also unfortunate that I was approved for the weekend off to go. Oh, well. By the time that it gets rescheduled comes, I will have two weeks of vacation pay available, so perhaps it’s better this way. I really would like to go, as I haven’t seen anyone, save two nice ladies, from high school in 30 years. I missed the 20th reunion back in 2010, as I didn’t have the money to go. From the pictures it looked like everyone who went enjoyed themselves.

My oldest son is trying to get financed so his mom can buy a decent used car. We have a VW Beetle (2002), but it has a lot of problems, and we can’t keep throwing money into it, when we’re not even sure what all is going on. They have a car in mind that he might get financing, but having recently turned 18, and without a real credit history, it may or may not go through.

I contemplated writing something else here, but I deleted it, deciding it has no place in a public setting. I should keep private home matters, especially difficult ones, to myself.

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