Day 17

I’m not sure where I should begin today. I worked my one day a week at Golden Corral today. Serving people cafeteria-style isn’t all that bad; the worst part for me is wearing a damned mask for the whole shift. Not only do my glasses fog up while wearing it, I have a hard time breathing, since when exhaling, the mask doesn’t allow all the carbon dioxide from escaping, so my breathing becomes a little more labored, since I’m not breathing in pure air. It’s a mix of air and CO2. Even though I brush my teeth daily, once the afternoon rolls around, the breath inside my mask isn’t the most pleasant-smelling thing around. It’s not just me—everyone gets plagued by the same problem, unless you habitually brush your teeth multiple times a day.

While on the subject of masks, I hear a myriad of people saying how everyone should wear a mask constantly. Some folks in Orange County, CA, think masks should be mandatory, and were protesting the newly-“encouraged”, though nor mandated, use of them.

This is my thought on the mask deal: I do not (and will not) wear a mask, unless it’s mandatory by my job or a business where I happen to be going (like Costco). If it’s only “encouraged”, you bet your butt I won’t be wearing one. Coronavirus be damned, I’ll take my chances. I’m not sick or even coughing currently, so I’m not gonna get others sick, especially if I still maintain 6’ between us (which I’m all for; I don’t like most people standing within arm’s length, anyway)

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