Day 16

Another Tuesday has come and gone. For you, it might be Taco Tuesday. Or, it could a different kind of Tuesday😏🤷‍♂️.

I’ve done a few sorta “heavy” posts recently, citing different social issues taking place as of late. Today, I thought I’d keep things light, maybe funny.

I haven’t mentioned work in a bit. Today is like the last couple of Mondays and Tuesdays have been: customers coming in from the moment we open, and staying in a steady stream most of the morning. At least this week, I was scheduled some help from another cook. I swear some people think they’re at McDonald’s, from all the burgers and chicken sandwiches we sell lately. Is that the summer thing? I just know I’m over chicken BLT sandwiches and burgers🤬.

In two days, I go back up north to bring my son home. Driving halfway to Salt Lake City is better than having to drive all the way up there.

My van has finally shattered the 300,000-mile milestone. My van could have driven all the way to the moon, and be one-fifth of the way back now, with that many miles. That’s also roughly twelve times circling the Earth at the Equator. One more comparison: that’s 50 round trips between Los Angeles and Panama🤯!

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