Day 14

Your new work week begins tomorrow. Next Sunday is Father’s Day. So if you haven’t got your dad a gift yet, you have a week to get him one!

In case you didn’t see the news, the two missing kids from Idaho were finally found; unfortunately, they were found dead. The bitch of their mother said something about they were like “zombies”, or some lame shit like that. I hope she and that thing she’s married to are tried, sentenced and eventually rot in hell for what I can only imagine those kids went through. How can that “see you next Tuesday” [the c-word: rather appropriate in this case] travel to Hawaii with her husband, knowing full well her kids were hidden on his property, deceased? Does she not have a conscience? Is she that fucked up? Is she just evil incarnate? I have no clue how someone is able to kill their own kids. I know there are women who suffer post-partum depression, and without any help, they can do some extreme things, but these kids were not newborns.

I recall a woman in Texas, who in 2001 supposedly was going through depression and killed all 5 of her kids. I don’t know if I buy her whole depression/psychosis/schizo excuse, but she’s another that I hope one day rots in hell. No matter how bad you think you are, there’s always someone somewhere who’s willing to help.

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