Day 13

For those of you who actually get weekends off, yours has begun. For anyone working in restaurants, retail or hospitals, it’s just Saturday😔.

Speaking of restaurants, back in the beginning of April, the National Restaurant Association, along with big donors, put together a fund to give grants to restaurant workers affected by all the restaurant slowdowns at the beginning of the lockdowns. Those who were found eligible would be awarded a $500 grant. At first, so many people were trying that their website crashed and barely anyone could get through. It was replaced with giving your email, and they sent the questionnaire that way. I tried and tried the first time to no avail. I managed to give my email address and fill out the application.

A few days later, I got an email saying I was approved. Fast forward a month, and I just received that check in the mail today. I was pleasantly surprised to see the envelope in my mailbox—in the envelope window I could see “Pay to the order of” and “Restaurant Employee Relief Fund” in the memo line. This money will be a huge help right now, especially since I fell behind on a couple of bills, and I’m still trying to catch up! To show my appreciation, I went on Twitter this morning and thanked the Restaurant Assoc. for the grant and the help this money will provide.

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