Day 12

We have conquered yet another Friday. For some of you, the weekend beckons. For me, I work Sunday. Hopefully work is not disappointing.

Tomorrow, I take my 15-year-old son to go spend a few days with his girlfriend at her parents’ house. They’ll be meeting us halfway, so it’s not as toiling a drive for either of us. Add to that the fact that my van is going to top 300,000 miles within the next week or so (It lacks like 430 miles from that milestone). I really don’t want to push it more than I have to. I mean, it’s a 2005 Toyota, so it’ll hopefully last another 100,000 or so.

Let me tell you something that really pisses me off. Why is it that it takes someone getting killed to enact a common-sense law? The most recent example being the law, just passed unanimously in Kentucky, as a response to the death of Breonna Taylor, gets rid of no-knock warrants by the cops. I always thought that police couldn’t just go ram someone’s door down and barge in, even with a warrant. Usually, they knock and announce themselves before bashing in the door. Maybe I’m uninformed about the law; I don’t follow police procedures, especially from other states. Sadly, these bad, murderous, corrupt cops give the decent officers a bad name and tarnished reputation.

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