Day 11

Recent events in the United States have me thinking a little about the whole deal of racism and inequality. Throughout history, black people have been degraded and used as slaves. Though great strides have been made to equalize things, sadly, many people are still treated as second-class citizens because of their skin color.

In modern times, part of the reason for these great divides is the government and media’s need to group people, to classify them, to divide everyone based on race, gender, sexuality, wealth and every other adjective they can use. They (the gov’t and media) think everything must be politically-correct: “African-American” rather than “black” is one of the big ones, even though there are many white people in Africa, and many black people have never stepped foot there. On top of that, the media loves to polarize and sensationalize everything to capture viewers/readers. To simply report, “an American citizen was killed by a police officer” isn’t as inflaming as inserting the color of each party’s skin. I’m all for gender/racial/sexual equality. It’s just utterly sad that life in America has come to the point where it is necessary to pass laws to help ensure this. It would be wonderful if someone could wave a magic wand and eliminate all the hatred in the world. I’m not trying to argue anyone’s logic, but I wonder: if Antifa is considered a terrorist group, what about the KKK and other “White supremacist” groups? As a white person, I say that whites are absolutely not superior to anyone else!

One response to “Day 11”

  1. I agree. When you describe a certain character from a tv series who is black, we don’t say the actor who does this or that, we say “that black guy” on whatever tv show. Stupid stuff that has been ingrained into our brain and attitude. What does that make I try not to do that anymore but I have to constantly remind myself of my bias.


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