Day 10

We’re nearly halfway through June, roughly three weeks until the halfway point of the year.

I was looking at some writing prompts, and one of them mentioned looking at the daily horoscope. It’s funny, some people actually believe their horoscope like religion. I look at mine occasionally for the hell of it, more like comedy relief. I don’t buy into the whole astrology/numerology stuff. If you do, more power to you. I also don’t get the whole tarot card thing. I guess these mystical subjects are beyond my realm and scope of things. I’ll just stick to cooking at work and baking at home.

The only thing I really know about the horoscope thing is that I was born in the sign of Virgo. Whether that sign’s traits match me, I really don’t know. If Virgos are introverts, than it totally matches me.

What is an introvert, you might ask? We are not big on socializing, but will do it when necessary. We’re not hermits, and we’ll loosen up around people we’re comfortable with. Parties and gatherings tend to drain the social batteries, for which we need time to ourselves to recharge. Not time to hide in a closet, but productivity at home, like doing something meaningful, reading, gaming or whatnot. Just because we’re quiet doesn’t mean we’re all anti-social.

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