Day 09

Today is Tuesday, the 161st day of the year. I guess this month, so far so good. Only 205 more days to survive in the 2020 hellhole.

I probably sound like a broken record, but why in the hell do people equate Cracker Barrel with breakfast🤔? Even in the afternoon, I still have tons of orders for breakfast, and people think they’re at Burger King with all their weird requests. It’s my job, and I make what’s ordered, but I don’t have to like or agree with it.

Anyone notice how bipolar the weather is lately? Cold🥶 and snow❄ in the Northwest, the Northeast is pleasant and mild, and the Deep South is sweltering🥵. Of course, in the Southeast during summer, the heat and humidity race to see which can be the highest. You get 95° with 95% humidity, and it feels like 150°. In the West, the dry heat can be alleviated with a swamp (evaporative) cooler. In the East, the high humidity renders swamp coolers useless. I’ve never lived back East, but I have spent time in the Northeast of Brazil🇧🇷, near the Equator. That area is just hot all year long. It’s funny to see the Brazilians during their winter claiming how cold they are, when it’s like 75°. I guess when you’re used to 90° all year long, 70s can feel kinda chilly🤷‍♂️.

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