Day 08

The second week of June officially commences today. It is the 160th day of 2020.

I’ll start off by mentioning my day at work. Two words: holy shit! And I thought last Monday was busy🤦‍♂️! Once we opened at 08:00, six people were already seated. Soon there were 13 waiting to order. Next thing I know, there’s an hour wait to be seated (since we can only go to 50% capacity). Everything I normally do in the morning in the lulls had to wait until 14:30 (half an hour after I was supposed to be off)😱, as people were coming non-stop the whole time. It was fucking insane. And being the only cook today, everyone said I did extremely well. Normally, we have a target of 10 minutes from order to finishing cooking. I didn’t care how long things took, as long as the food went out hot and high-quality. One table even stated that their food took a long time, but said the wait was worth it, since their food was perfect for them. I’ll take every little win I can👍.

Other than work…it’s nice to see that the looting around the country has pretty much stopped, and that the protests continue peaceful. I guess something like 50000 people gathered in LA without a single problem. When you want your message heard, that’s the way to do it, and it’s well within their First Amendment rights to do so.

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