Day 07

The first full week of June has now completed. Many formerly locked-down (clamped-down) places are opening back up and business is returning to somewhat of a state of normalcy.

After everything that has gone on throughout this whole year, the first week of June actually felt somewhat “normal”. Even business at Cracker Barrel feels like what it did last year. Our inside dining room has been open since 06/01 (albeit to 50% capacity, max), and people seem to really have missed their Cracker Barrel breakfast fix🥞🥓🧇🍳🍳🍳.

I asked a manager this morning, and it was confirmed to me something I read the other day: some Cracker Barrels back east (I think I was told Florida) are beginning to serve beer and wine. After over 50 years in business, never having sold alcohol before, now the Barrel is dabbling in its sales. In a way, I’m not surprised, as I have had various people ask me if Cracker Barrel has alcohol. I mean, pairing wine with a steak or pork chops sounds like it makes sense. Other national outfits do it—Applebee’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Outback Steakhouse, Olive Garden and others. I wouldn’t want to be a server involved in that, as you have to know when to card someone and when to tell them they’ve reached their limit. The whole avoiding selling alcohol to minors was bad enough when I worked at convenience stores😱!

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