Day 06

In case anyone needs a break from recent non-stop news coverage, today is the anniversary of D-Day. The day 76 years ago when troops stormed the beaches in Normandy, France. Before too long, sadly, all of our World War II vets will have passed away.

On another subject, I had to do some organization on my laptop. All of my blog posts and related images are saved onto my hard drive. I had quite a few images, so I finally got to organizing them. I even went so far as to reload some images on previous posts that, for some reason, were not appearing. I just realized that I didn’t start adding context graphics until recently. It seems the images help to break up the monotony of all text. I’m going over my upcoming posts and adding some graphics to make them a little more eye-pleasing.

Why is it that people can’t take a hint that restaurants aren’t allowed full capacity yet? Large groups go into work and all want to be seated together. Corporate and health dept. rules state that every other table must be unoccupied, to maintain spacing mandates. Then they get pissed that we’re “discriminating.” No, dumbass, we’re doing what we’re told. You’re not getting that group of 30 all cozy together anywhere right now! I swear people are a bunch of entitled dumbfucks.

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