Day 05

Here we are, the first Friday of June. Let’s see, what’s going on?

The governor of Utah has decided not to lower any part of the state to the “normal” risk level for coronavirus. Some cite the increase in new cases. Others are just plain scared like Chicken Little. While it is prudent to take precautions, we can’t stay in a perpetual state of fear. It’s been said that this will be around to stay, probably recurring on an annual basis, like the flu. Will the government be locking everyone down every flu season?

From my perspective, yes, many people died. I’m not saying it’s not a tragedy for the affected families—I’m fortunate that my elderly mom has not gotten sick. People also die from food poisoning and the normal flu every year. People die in car accidents, drug OD’s and alcohol-related deaths. Entire cities and states have never been locked down because of those things. This isn’t a matter of “it hasn’t affected you”; it’s just my thoughts. Granted, if you’re a high-risk individual, do your due diligence. Regardless, everyone should be washing their hands and giving others their space, no matter what. If you’re uneasy, wear your mask. We need to stop being afraid of our collective shadow and deal with more pressing matters that have garnered our attention as of recently. For now, be safe and be well.

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