Day 04

You know something that’s extremely annoying? Besides what you might be thinking, it’s when you eat something, and food gets stuck between your teeth. And it’s lodged in there good; not even a toothpick will remove it. You try your toothbrush. Nothing. You are required to use floss (or a flosspick) to rid your mouth of the offending matter. It happens to me, usually when I eat meat, be it steak, chicken, pork, whatever. And because my teeth are not perfect, sometimes the floss gets stuck for a second, and I have to jostle it to free it, while it feels like something’s gonna break. Yeah, my mouth has issues.

Even worse than that is when you’re eating popcorn, and the kernels get stuck between your teeth, or even worse than that is a piece of the popcorn skin goes between the tooth and the gum😵. It’s very painful, and you cannot easily dislodge it. Sometimes you get lucky and it comes out quickly. Others, you suffer for a little while.

Ever been chewing your food, and you bite your tongue? What about biting your cheek? Been there, done that. The pain is momentarily excruciating, and you can’t reach in to rub the affected area. All you can do is sit and writhe and moan and groan in pain, while everyone else is laughing at you (or with you?)🤬

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