Day 03

After a relatively boring day at Golden Corral, I see that the other three cops involved with the George Floyd death have been charged, as well as Chauvin’s charges being upgraded to second-degree murder, as well as his bail doubled. It’s not as far as I would like to see (first-degree would be ideal), but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. Perhaps now the rioting and looting can stop. If protesters want to continue, may they do so peacefully. Perhaps non-violently, their message will get across more “loud and clear”.

It sucks that lately I find myself completely devoid of inspiration/ideas to write about for the weekly blog. It’s fortunate I have several posts already written and saved. Any thoughts as to something I should write about? I’ve been looking for ideas online, but nothing sparks anything, or deals with writing like for a book. I don’t find myself that creative, and I never could write like many authors do, painting a mental picture, developing plot and whatnot. I never understood how some of these prolific authors manage to crank out book after book. There are days I’m unable to put 100 words on paper without losing my train of thought and deleting everything. Perhaps it’s the 24/7 bombardment of everything over the last week?

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