Day 02

The last two days of work have felt like “business as usual”, as if there never had been any kind of closure. Apparently for yesterday, compared to last year, we were right close to sales, so I guess it’s summer season at work now.

I’ve changed up the name of this new work slightly. Instead of the “Present Ponderings”, I gave it some thought today, and my new choice makes better sense: Preposterous Ponderings of a Perpetually Perplexed Person. Nice little alliteration, and it fits me perfectly: outrageous thoughts from someone who is always in a state of confusion.

Apparently, around every social media outlet, there’s this so-called blackout happening, showing solidarity for the Black Lives Matter group and all the bullshit happening recently. This country is literally tearing itself apart right now. Also, there is so much propaganda going on from right and left. It’s flooded social media and the news. Seems like everyone forgot about the coronavirus that has been lurking the last few months. There’s even been talk of Ebola beginning to make a comeback in Africa.

I don’t know who the creator of this E ticket ride called 2020 is, but I would like to get off. It hasn’t been fun at all, and I want a refund, dammit!

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