Day 01

Today I think about how work was. Apparently, people were hell-bent on having their breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Holy Jesus, there were so many breakfast items sold. It wasn’t crazy busy, but steady enough that I almost couldn’t move from the grill to do anything, until my relief showed up at 14:00. I thought to myself, I guess this is “welcome back”.

Civil unrest runs rampant across the country. Protesters show up, mostly peaceful; when the curfews happen, the lawlessness begins to rear its ugly head. I don’t feel bad for the big box stores that get damaged/destroyed/looted. Places like Target have plenty of resources to rebuild and restock. What about the small businesses? What about the mom-and-pop stores, people who sometimes invest their life savings into starting their dream, only to have it shattered by the vandals and looters? Some of these folks don’t have the means to recover and rebuild. It’s sad to see innocent people like that go down.

Another sad story is the man in Louisville, KY, that was killed by cops and National Guard last night. Apparently his body was left on the street for hours. So, y’all high and mighty cop thugs like killing innocent people? I hope y’all burn in the tenth level in hell for your blatant murderous actions.

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