Mother’s Day

The second Sunday of May in the United States is designated as Mother’s Day. Though you should remember your mom every day, it’s one day dedicated to her.

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Cinco de Mayo

On this “Cinco de Mayo”, some think of tacos and alcohol, but I ponder about developments at work, my mental health struggles, and how far I’ve come in dealing with those struggles.

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Text Message

The first text message was sent nearly 30 years ago. With smartphones and unlimited texting now ubiquitous, why do some people still use “text speak”?

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Side Effects

The coronavirus vaccine, like all drugs, has its side effects. They’re worse for some than others. Here I lay out what I experienced with my two-dose Moderna vaccine.

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On Trial

The death of George Floyd in 2020 resulted in riots, like the release of a pressure cooker. The former officer who kneeled on Floyd’s neck was on trial recently, and found guilty.

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Lockdowns are ending and semi-normalcy seems to be resuming. So are the frequent media-covered shootings and the debate about gun control.

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Masks, Revisited

Utah’s mask mandate ended a week ago, but some places still require them. Masks are loved or hated. They’re slowly going away, but they won’t go without a fight.

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