I’ve mentioned before that I work for Cracker Barrel, and that I’ve been there nearly 6½ years. I started as a dishwasher, and cross-trained to be able to work in all back-of-house positions (grill cook, backup cook and prep cook), at which I am rather proficient. Unlike some of the other employees, who get up […]

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Recent weather changes have brought out a rather unpleasant side effect. All day long today, I’ve been battling a non-stop runny nose and sneezing. I’m sure my allergies are in overdrive right now, as I’ve been like a week without any allergy meds. I discovered I have an allergy to something a few years back, […]

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Common Core

Undoubtedly, you’ve seen the stories, or at least the memes, of people today who are dumbfounded by their kids’ homework. Usually it’s the math that is the challenge. Why is math so challenging now? It’s that insanely idiotic thing called Common Core. When I was in the public school system from 1977 to 1990, math […]

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Your Vote Don’t Count

It is looking like Nature has decided we should go straight from summer to winter, then back to fall in one week. A storm is blowing through, and we go from nearly 80° yesterday, to less than 70° today, to 48° tomorrow, and back to almost 75° for Halloween. Three weeks ago, I was complaining […]

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Giving Thanks?

Man, hasn’t this year just been a lovely joy ride? One thing after another has happened, and just when someone says, “How can this possibly get any worse?” Nature has to come around and reply, “Hold my beer. Challenge accepted.” What’s the latest bit of stupidity in the world? We’re basically being told we shouldn’t […]

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Chicken Pot Pie

As I mentioned before, I made chicken pot pie for dinner. I posted pictures on my personal Instagram, but I’ve decided to make one the cover picture for today. Things started okay, but then I almost had to scrap the project when I had a problem with the oven. Here’s the deal: We got this […]

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There are days when I look at myself (scary thought) and contemplate the passage of time. Here I am, currently 48 years old, what little hair I have left going gray, wearing glasses, since I’m freaking blind as a bat. I didn’t always wear glasses, though I have for over three decades now. I didn’t […]

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I tested the oven today, now that the igniter works. It runs a tad hot—set to 350°, interior thermometer read 375°. I eventually got to a setting of 330° to be able to bake properly at 350°. Now I have blueberry muffin loaf and oatmeal raisin/Craisin cookies🤤. Tomorrow, I want to make chicken pot pie […]

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