I’m taking a break from my blogs for now. My imagination is fried with everything going on in my life. This isn’t goodbye; I’ll be back.

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The Greatest?

We’re barely two weeks into the year, and it’s already proven to be quite the doozy. Coronavirus still runs rampant with the constant daily media “reminders” (read: scare tactics) of how many people have been infected or dying. Idiotic Trump supporters rioted and stormed the Capitol last week, resulting in 5 deaths. Another result was […]

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DC Madness

Yesterday we got a front row seat, via TV or the internet, to outright madness and stupidity in the nation’s Capital. Washington DC was ground zero for a riot—the media called it “pro-Trump protest”, but anyone with a lick of common sense knows that was a riot. Hundreds of redneck-looking, Duck Dynasty-resembling yahoos stormed, entered […]

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A New Year

We survived 2020. It’s history, and now we face 2021. One would hope that it won’t be another shit-show dumpster fire. Cross your fingers!

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Oh, FFS!

Right at the end of the year, 2020 does not want to relent and give us a break. Now my kid is pissed off because I bumped into his PS4 accidentally, falling to the ground.

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Christmas Day

Congratulations! We made it to Christmas Day; there’s only one more week of this miserable year.
It was a simple day for me and my kids. This is kinda how my day went.

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Happy Holidays?

Christmas is in two days, which means next Friday we are out of this wretched shit show known as 2020, of which hopefully no one will speak of ever again. As much of a shit show 2016 was, 2020 has that year beat. Less than ten days remain in this hell hole. On top of […]

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It’s the first day of winter, so why is the weather not cold? And what’s the thing in the sky tonight that people are so excited about?

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Soon Free🙆

Undoubtedly you’ve experienced this before: how long a minute lasts depends upon which side of the bathroom door you’re on. When you’re the one in the bathroom, a minute is quick. If you’re the unlucky soul doing the potty dance, about to pee your pants, a minute seems to take forever. Having to be quarantined, […]

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